3 years ago

Incentive Challenge: Day 1

What a busy day - finally had a chance to meet the other finalists and the 20+ media contingency following the competition over dinner last night. Don’t worry I managed to behave myself in order for an early start, but I can tell you it was a struggle getting out of bed on the first day of my “holiday”!!  First up, a run along the beach at Surfers Paradise followed by a hearty breakfast at my new home – the Palazzo Versace.  The trip to Sea World was fantastic. We mingled with the penguins, hung out with the dolphins and checked out the seal show and had a nice private lunch.  After a few interviews with some lifestyle magazines it was time to work on our postcards. Chilling in the room chatting with the office we have devised a concept. So far everyone has been great and I’m looking forward to the next surprise.

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