3 years ago

Dinner last night with the Virgin Australia crew was held at the incredible Q1 tower - what an incredible experience - dinner on level 77!!

This morning we finished up our stay on the Gold Coast with some beach challenges with world champion ironman Shannon Eckstein and iron woman Courtney Hancock. My triathlon experience must have given me a bit of an advantage over my opponents as my team won both of the challenges… I’ll find out later what we won. 

We had a grand entrance to the Hyatt Coolum arriving in a helicopter from the Gold Coast. It was so good to be able to fly over Brisbane, over my home and workplace on my way to the next Queensland experience. There weren’t many people in the office today - some of our team are out doing the Oxfam 100km challenge, others are down the coast at an architecture conference - but the guys that were in the office tell me that they saw our convoy of 7 choppers flying overhead - pretty cool!

Looking forward to a treat at Eliza’s Restaurant at the Hyatt tonight - I hear very good things!

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