3 years ago

Challenge #183,692 : Three Legged Race!

Winner ?  HANNAH!

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* additional STEALTH drop mission! *

jess “popped” into the Queensland Tourism office this morning to deliver a message on behalf of the Base Architecture Million Dollar Memo team! 

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3 years ago

Challenge #25125 - Scissors Paper Rock

The classic dispute resolution tactic - it’s time for a rock-off! 

Winner? CHRIS!

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3 years ago

Challenge # 12334 : Chocolate Chopstick Challenge

Winner? Johnny!

3 years ago

Challenge #1720 … HULA HOOP!

Winner? Grovesy!!

3 years ago

CHALLENGE #339… Balance + Posture

Winner? Shawn.

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It’s become a bit competitive in the Base Architecture office in the last couple of days! If we make it to the top 20 in the Million Dollar Memo, one of us gets to represent the office in a 10 day challenge organised by Queensland Tourism. If we make it to the top 20 we will be competing directly for the MILLION dollar prize!!

We’re also encouraging our friends and supporters to spread the word and join in the competition - we won’t be able to spend a million dollars on our own - so tell us how you’re promoting our Million Dollar Memo entry and you might find yourself with an exclusive invitation if we were to win the big prize!


this calls for … a PHYSICAL CHALLENGE!

Normally a physical challenge is a battle of the physical nature by two persons. 

The best physical challenges involve competitors with relatively even physical abilities. 

There are no boundaries to a physical challenge. 

No physical challenge can be declined by another. 

Both parties must attempt the physical challenge. 

Nobody can declare a physical challenge that they dont intend to be involved in. 

For a physical challenge to be official it must be followed by the words “physical challenge”. 

If a physical challenge has no outright victor, then determining the winner of a physical challenge is done through heated debate, sometimes fighting. 

Only people with healthy minds and strong bodies undertake physical challenges. 

The winner of the physical challenge earns the right to brag about his or her physical supremacy. 

To maintain pride in your reputation take part in a physical challenge everyday.

THANKS, Urban Dictionary!


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3 years ago

As per usual the Base team have been working and playing hard - last weekend we embarked on a 1000km roadtrip from Brisbane to Belingen in Northern New South Wales as part of our campaign to make it to the top 20 in the Million Dolloar Memo!

It was a weekend full of adventures, laughter, and some *minor* misfortunes… but we did manage to get the Memo Mobile back to Brisbane in one piece! :)

Don’t forget to go to Queensland Tourism’s site and LIKE our entry!

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