3 years ago

Incentive Challenge: Day 2 


Last night we had a surprise dinner and show with the Million Dollar Memo sponsors, a band and some burlesque style performances. Most people behaved, however some might have found it a little tough this morning riding on the back of Harley’s alongside a convoy of classic cars to the Paradise Farm Aussie Farm Tour.

Whilst at the farm we had a photo opportunity with the infamous kangaroos and koalas, some line dancing lessons (don’t worry I will teach you all my new moves when I get back) and had a demonstration on how to make bush tucker. It was an interesting way to get a glimpse in to Queensland country life. I’m really looking forward to dinner tonight as we’re getting wined and dined by Virgin Australia. I don’t want to stay up too late tonight though, I’m hoping to squeeze in a quick surf in the morning before the fun and games begin again.

(Source: milliondollarmemo.com)

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